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Share itQuickly obtain the work life report by SMS or online for immediate download. Request by phone or at the Social Security offices. Updated guide 2021 step by step.

In this system, you receive an SMS with a code on your cell phone. With this code, from the Social Security website you download your work history in pdf format and you can save it or print it.

When you enter the code that the Social Security has sent to your cell phone, a screen like the one below will appear, with a link that you must click on. A new window will then open in your browser that will allow you to view and download the work life report in pdf format. It is important that your browser does not have the «open new pop-up windows» option blocked, so that the pdf report will open correctly in a new window.

For those who are used to carry out procedures on the Internet with a digital certificate or password, this is the most convenient option, since it allows you to download the certificate in pdf format and with an electronic validation code at the same time (online).

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This process for requesting employment history by SMS consists of two stages. First, the applicant’s identity is verified by sending an SMS. Then, you must enter this code in the application form provided. And you will have your employment history report.

By means of a pre-recorded message system, you will be asked to select the corresponding option and enter the required data, in order to receive the work life report at the registered address.

(Valid way once the State of Alarm is over, while the authorities ask you to do all the procedures online or by phone). In this sense, the 5 main steps to request a work life are:

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First of all, you must go to the Social Security website and select the option «Report of working life». It is usually among the most visited pages, as it is one of the most important procedures.

You can also do it via SMS (simple from your cell phone). You will have to fill in a form and it is necessary that the data in this form match exactly with those registered in the Social Security database.

Once the process is completed, you will receive an SMS informing you that you are registered. This is a basic level registration, which allows you to carry out certain procedures with the Administration electronically, and it is enough to request the report of your working life in the Social Security. The application generates three-digit codes that are needed to make the request.

Once the registration is completed, on the Social Security website you will choose to access the work life report with Cl@ve. You will be redirected to the Cl@ve website, where you must enter your DNI. In the next step, select «Use the Cl@ve PIN App to obtain the PIN (recommended)». After entering the code and PIN provided by the APP, you will be able to download the work life report in PDF format from the Social Security website,

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The Social Security is making a great effort to streamline this type of procedures and make it easier to access them online, and free of charge. In this article we would like to share links and information of interest to request your work life report online.

Before starting, it is important that the data in the General Treasury of the Social Security are updated to be able to access the work life. One of the ways to access it is by cell phone, for which you will have to have previously informed them. To do so, you can go to your nearest Social Security office.

In order to request the employment history report by sms, it is necessary that the data entered match exactly with the information registered with the Social Security. Once the data has been completed, an SMS will be sent to your cell phone with an access code to be able to access it: Request labor life by sms