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How to use whatsapp without a phone number

Jodel is an app to chat for free with people close to you and works as a live social network. You can post news, events, questions and personal stories. It does not require prior registration and puts you in contact with people within a radius of 10 km.
It is one of the most famous apps in Germany. It has a karma system to rate other users’ posts. In addition, Jodel is created to find and disseminate local information about your city, and it supports multimedia messaging!
Undoubtedly, it is another of the most popular on the list, both for smartphone and web. It offers functionalities similar to WhatsApp or Skype, although it allows you to create larger groups (up to 5,000 people). It also highlights the option of creating Channels. In them, the user can leave messages to be read by whomever he/she wants. However, only the administrator can participate in them. It is like a kind of bulletin board.
Terra chat for mobile is the application of Terra’s famous responsive WebChat. It is free and weighs only 6.68 Mb. The application consumes little battery and RAM memory. It has more than 3,500 rooms of different themes, cities and countries.

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It also has support for stickers, GIFs, photo and video editing, and group chats that can reach up to 200,000 people. As if that weren’t enough, it’s completely free and contains no ads.
It is worth noting that Telegram is funded by a donation and for that reason, its makers promise that it will remain free, that they will never sell data and that they do not aim to generate revenue. New features include animated stickers for photos or videos and a new media editor that allows you to improve video quality and add text and stickers.
The most popular text messaging app used in South Korea is also available in the U.S. Known for its fast and reliable messaging – no matter what network you’re connected to – KakaoTalk has become a favorite of many.
A standout feature is the integration of e-commerce into the app. KakaoTalk offers exclusive coupons and deals from popular brands for you to share with your friends and family. The app has become so popular for transactions that it now even offers credit cards that can be used with its virtual currency. Additional features include creating your own calendar and scheduling appointments and reminders for lunches, work meetings or parties.

Best apps for dating or finding a partner in spain

With the remarkable development of new technologies, the Internet has managed to change many practices around the world and this is joined by the ways in which people now relate to each other. Whether it is between family members, between friends and even how to find a partner.
While it is true that today there are many applications that allow you to connect with your friends but, beyond that, there are several of them that manage to simplify the connections between people from different parts of the world, either to establish a beautiful relationship of friendship or even to flirt and find love.
As we already mentioned, there are a great variety of alternatives that allow you to meet other users from different places around the world. With which, you can easily establish a communication, chat from anywhere and even flirt to find your new partner.
With more than 400 million people already using it worldwide, this platform is considered one of the largest and most effective social networks to connect with other people living in any country in the world. However, if you want to find your ideal partner near you, the app gives you the option to see who are close to you and thus, decide if you want to contact these people to perhaps establish a friendship or even a good relationship.

The 5 best apps to make video calls

CONTENT INDEXAlthough it may seem untrue, chatting is more fashionable than ever. The chat fashion is back with force, hence the apps are triumphing. If you want to know the best alternatives, in this article you will find them.
TelegramIt is one of the best options right now to chat. Not only because it has more and more users, but because in addition to individual chats, also allows group chats. It is a great option to keep in touch with all your friends and meet people you did not know so far.
Nowadays there are groups of all kinds. Whatever it is that you are interested in, it will surely allow you to join a group that talks about those things. Try this app and you won’t be disappointed. It also includes a high quality encryption.
HispachatFor me one of the best chat options is this one. It is totally free and allows you to talk to as many people as you want without limit. But not only I think so, but more and more people think so, hence it is forming as the most important chat in our country.  HispaChat is very easy to use and has the advantage of having a wide catalog of channels to chat. You can chat by city, at a general level, by tastes… whatever you are looking for you will find a specific channel. So you can talk, meet people. You will see how the hours will fly by.