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how to log in to badoo [recover account].

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how to create an account on badoo with or without facebook very easy!

In this article we will see how we can access the service, and is that this service offers several ways, in addition to providing additional information that could surely interest you, such as explanation of its main features and functions, in addition to offering security recommendations that will help you not to have problems with your account.

The classic way to access our account is through its website, we do not need to install anything, because with the help of our web browser we can do it (we can use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or whatever you prefer) we just have to go to the link mentioned below:

One of the things that could happen to us when accessing the Badoo website is that in it there is already an account initiated by another person, a person who at the time forgot to log out and left and that for that reason we see it initiated, in such a case what proceeds is that we ourselves must close it to later be able to access the Badoo service with our own account. Remember that it is not correct to check other people’s accounts.

how to delete my badoo account from pc or cell phone

Dating has also changed, and now there are platforms that have been born with the purpose of connecting people and let what has to come up. The clearest example is Badoo, a kind of social network designed for its users to connect with each other, chat and start something that can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or something longer, lasting and special.

More than 300 million people have already registered on this online portal, and many of them are still wondering how to log in to Badoo for free. If this is your case, go prepare pencil and paper, because we are going to explain what you have to do to log in on this website after you have registered, no matter if you use a computer or a cell phone to do so. This guide that we bring you explains step by step, and with attention to every possible detail, what you have to do to access your profile on Badoo without having to pay anything.

It is something you can do from PC, but also from iPhone or Android through the applications that are available. In addition, we also take the opportunity to solve some questions that are quite frequent among the community of users of this giant platform. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to meet new people of all kinds, or even find someone very special, keep reading everything we tell you below.

how to register or create a free badoo account?

Badoo is a social network that was born in 2006, its creator was the Russian Andrei Andreyev. Its headquarters is in Soho, London, although it is owned by a company from Cyprus. It is a dating social network and its objective is to make people meet each other. For its operation, it uses a ranking system among users, very similar to the one used by Tinder. Read on and learn how to create an account on Badoo.

Badoo is a service that requires an Internet connection to use. You can access this social network through your smartphone from the official and free App available for both Android and iOS, in addition, its web version is also available to access from a computer ( Well, now we will tell you how to create an account on Badoo in a quick and simple way.

To register your new account from your web browser you simply have to enter the following URL: After you have logged in, you must start the registration process by filling in all the fields you see in the form.