Videos de canal cocina

Videos de canal cocina

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Before taking the leap of sharing your videos on YouTube you have to be absolutely sure that you have previous experience. That is, find a way to train and prepare yourself. For example, you can attend courses and rehearse at home.
The universe of cooking is very wide. If you want to stand out as a successful youtuber, it is advisable to know what your star recipes are, what culinary techniques you master, what ingredients you love to prepare… If your YouTube channel lasts over time, you will have the possibility to keep learning. However, it is important that to start with the contents you focus on those topics that offer you security.
If you want to be a good youtuber you have to transcend the field of cooking itself to understand the need to understand the language of the audiovisual world. The best YouTube channels are those that stand out for the spectacularity of their presentations. Obviously, you will learn like any youtuber from your own experience. However, it is advisable to be demanding in this matter.

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Surely you are already familiar with our previous reviews of some of the most popular Youtube accounts in our country. But in our eagerness to highlight the figure of the youtuber, that creator of content on the network that sweeps multitudes of fans, today we move to the world of gastronomy to make an update (dated 11/01/2021) of the cooking youtubers with more presence on the Internet during 2020.
If there’s one thing the typical user is looking for, it’s easy, affordable and quick to prepare recipes. And that’s what Anna Terés offers on her channel: cooking at home, with ingredients that can be found in any supermarket and at more than reasonable prices. Her channel, active since 2012 and with 3.36 million subscribers, already has 387,297,061 views. In addition, the youtuber combines it with a presence in other social networks and her own blog.
Pastries for all tastes. That’s what Pamela Sanchez offers on her YouTube channel, which sneaks into our ranking with 3.06 million subscribers and 293,489,766 views. Recipes explained step by step so that any user can make cupcakes, cakes, cookies… and much more!

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The question is that for all those who want to start cooking, but also for all those who want to expand their knowledge in cooking, is going to release a new program called Escuela Canal Cocina, is led by the chef Sergio Fernandez, who also has extensive experience as a teacher at the School of Hospitality in Madrid, and in his new program will teach a basic cooking course.
Escuela Canal Cocina will premiere next Thursday, April 1, and will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 11:00, 14:30, 20:00 and 23:30 (the premiere on April 1 will be at 14:30) and on weekends at 12:00, 17:00 and 22:30, so you can all adapt to any of the broadcasting schedules of this new basic cooking course to not miss any lesson. It seems that, for the moment, the April program has been presented and that it will be continued if it works, what do you think?

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Last Friday we moved to the surroundings of the area of Tielmes, south of the Community of Madrid, for filming and aerial video with Dron of the head of the program “Easy Summer” that will premiere from July 1, 2019 on Canal Cocina.
The protagonist, Loleta, premieres cooking program to make a summer easier and more delicious thanks to its practical, appetizing and perfect elaborations that you can enjoy outdoors.  The aerial operation of video filming with Dron in Madrid took place without incident, on a day marked by excellent weather conditions and in a spring season in which the landscape, the light and the beauty of the farm where the shooting took place shone by themselves.