The worlds 50 best restaurants

The worlds 50 best restaurants

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TripAdvisor has just published the list of the Best Restaurants in the World 2020, ranking that is based on the ratings and opinions of all those registered users on this platform in which different aspects related to the world of travel are valued. Once again there have been significant changes, both for the inclusion of new restaurants and for the movements of those already in the ranking.
In third position in the list of the Best Restaurants in the World 2020 of TripAdvisor is ranked the Chila Restaurant, an Argentine local with quite good reviews for the quality of its traditional Argentine cuisine, as well as for its contemporary and international bet. It highlights its menu where different options are also offered to satisfy different tastes and needs, vegan, vegetarian options, for those with gluten intolerance… This restaurant is also a novelty in the ranking.
In fifth place is ranked Leo Restaurant in Bogota (Colombia), an establishment run by chef Leonor Espinosa De La Ossa, winner of the ‘Best Female Chef in Latin America 2017’ award. The establishment is an exponent of the country’s ingredients and cooking techniques from its different regions, the comments are very positive, as the restaurant offers a gastronomic journey through Colombian cuisine that manages to seduce diners.

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The original Noma was undoubtedly one of the most important restaurants of its generation. With his food, René Redzepi developed a new genre of cuisine. New Nordic cuisine looks backward to look forward; it delves beyond seasonality to explore unrecognized foraged products, while seamlessly weaving in a study of fermentation.
Despite its worldwide fame, what separates Etxebarri from many other world-class restaurants is its simple – yet austere – second-floor dining room, decorated with stone and without any pretension. The relaxed, effortless, yet impeccably charming service style fits in perfectly with the surroundings. Etxebarri’s first floor houses a basic bar that doubles as a village pub.
Expect the unexpected: Mugaritz is not for the faint of heart. Starting with a rich tapestry of Basque ingredients, Aduriz turns them around to serve crab on frozen tongue, raw pork heart or acorn-fed ham plated on perfectly synchronized musical dinnerware for all diners to eat and orchestrate together.

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Chef, sommelier and gastronomic consultant. Expert in food and beverage management in the hospitality sector, he is immersed in advisory work for restaurants in the development of menus, wines, spirits and cost control. At the same time, he advises numerous brands in the agri-food sector.
His training in the Services sector began in the School of Hospitality in Benalmádena, and later he expanded his knowledge, taking the «Diploma in Food and Beverage Management» in CIOMijas, and the «International Sommelier Professional Certificate» by ESHOB.
Manu Balanzino is passionate about the world of communication, and has founded the digital newspaper of gastronomy, The Gourmet Journal, a reference publication in the gastronomic field which he directs. He is also an expert collaborator in gastronomy in specialized magazines such as Andalucía de Viaje, El Gourmet (AMC Networks International Latin America) and Diario Sur. In radio, he hosts the program «Momentos Gourmets» in COPE and in television, he collaborates in Canal Cocina, RTV Marbella and Fuengirola TV.

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After the gala held on June 25 in Singapore, we know which is the best restaurant in the world for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants: Mirazur, by Mauro Colagreco, which moves from third place to first. This restaurant located on the Cote D’Azur shares the podium with René Redzepi’s Noma and the Etxebarri steakhouse, by Basque chef Víctor Arguinzoniz, which climbs from tenth place to third.The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019
In restaurants there is always a strategic point from which you can appreciate the ballet of the kitchen, the choreography of the dining room, the melody of the drink. That’s where I try to sit, expectant, waiting for the curtain to move. The libretto of the play, a sidelong glance at the plate on the next table. Chsss! The waiter, with a firm step, comes on stage. He has learned his text and the director observes…