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Since 2010, Ana Sevilla author of La juani de Ana Sevilla shows us in her blog more than 2000 recipes very well explained to make them with Thermomix and in a traditional way.subsequently, I have taken to the blogosphere, two more blogs: For the KitchenAid robot, which aims to be a place where people who have this famous robot can find simple, economical and easy recipes to get the most out of the KitchenAid: La KitchenAid de Ana Sevilla.y de Cocina tradicional, all my recipes adapted to the stove:  Los Fogones de Ana Sevilla.

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The main advantage of the Thermomix, possibly the most famous food processor in the world, is that you only need to know how to read to cook with it. With its chopping, kneading or cooking programs, it is enough to follow the instructions in the recipe booklet of the appliance to the letter to obtain results that are more than apparent. But what happens when the dishes suggested in the book are not to your liking?
«I started making the recipes in the book it comes with and before long my daughter and husband said ‘stop cooking with that thing’. In my house they are very sota, caballo y rey, and in the recipes suggested by the Thermomix they use a lot of spices, they poach the onion too little, they use a lot of oil, things get steamed… So I started to try recipes on my own».
There are Thermomix recipe forums like this one with very active communities. «I met people, made friends and people started following me and trusting my recipes because they worked well for them. I uploaded a couple of dishes every day, and out of every ten contests there were, I won eight,» she says.

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La Juani de Ana Sevilla is the first blog made by Ana Sevilla where you can find economic and simple recipes made with the Thermomix robot and also with the GM pot. Blog with more than 70 million visits.
My favorite meat, chicken, is the one I like the most and the one that suits me best. And this Chicken to the good woman, With Thermomix. Very old recipe of the grandmothers, really delicious, like the flavors of before. Dedicated to Pepi Martin Oliva, juanera of my group, Juaneando with Ana Sevilla, she asked me to adapt it to the Thermomix, so there it is! For more information click here! *CLICK HERE!!! For more …
Healthy fish and vegetable stew dish, Cod ajoarriero in GM pot. For more information CLICK HERE! For more information CLICK HERE! *CLICK HERE! To see the recipe with Thermomix. *CLICK HERE! To see the recipe in the traditional way. Ingredients: -350 gr. skinless potatoes in squares -150 gr. onion -2 fat garlic cloves -oil -100 gr. Italian green bell pepper in strips …