El correo de andalucia en directo

El correo de andalucia en directo

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The political importance of this media demise is decisive. While the newspaper was in the hands of the Church, especially under the direction of José María Javierre, the “priest Javierre”, El Correo de Andalucía became the newspaper of the anti-Francoist opposition and was widely read, filling a decisive gap during the political transition to democracy, especially in the Andalusian autonomous process.
Dedicated to insurance linked to construction -Morera’s beginnings were those of a Mapfre insurance salesman-, it was audited by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Zapatero government without consequences. But the press was not his thing. From a turnover of 9.5 million in 2006, with Morera it went to a turnover of 2.7 million.
Although Morera presented himself as the savior of this century-old newspaper, the reality is that he forced the remaining workers to successive salary harakiris. He tried to get them to sell insurance at press conferences and wanted to put an end to their works committee. It was his custom to sign exclusivity clauses.

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From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, with images provided by El Correo de Andalucía, Sevilla FC TV, on TDT and online, will offer the retransmission of the passage of all the brotherhoods that make Penitential Station to the Cathedral.
There will be no processions in the streets, but the brotherhoods of Seville will be present in our Passion Week through SFC TV. Miguel Angel Moreno will change in this case the coordination of the broadcasts of the matches on SFC Radio for the narration of the passing of the pasos.
Likewise, SFC Radio will rebroadcast the audio of SFC TV in the same schedule (from four in the afternoon to nine at night), so that those who do not have the television at hand, can enjoy the comments of Miguel Angel Moreno and the audio environment in the passage of the brotherhoods.

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The fair closed with a total of 4,978 attendees, 5% less than in 2019.  Susana Andrés Omella, project manager, indicated that the fair is made by and for the sector and that the figures for the first day hovered around 3,000 visitors, “much more than expected for a first day.”
Carsten Holm, managing director of Diversified Communications UK, has shown great satisfaction with the development of the show, “the feedback has been incredible from both exhibitors and visitors, who commented on the high quality of the products, the buyers and the professionalism. It has exceeded everyone’s expectations and has highlighted the importance of face-to-face contact,” he stressed.
Along with this, the rest of the award categories were awarded with the following winning products:  Albaida honey and aloe vera flower, from Atalaya Bio; Moulins D’ascq chest, from Biorigin Iberica; self-cultivation kit with mycelium inoculum of organic mushrooms, from Setas Vallondo; organic stuffed chicken, from Dehesa El Milagro; Kefir 12+2, from Santa Gadea; WeBotanix Organic CBD Oil 10ml, and WeBotanix Organic CBD Face Cream, from Webotanix, the organic oil from O. Live Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Drip Coffee by Ubago Cafeteros.

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Today is Friday without #MilenioLiveBut don’t worry La Tribu friendsOne night half feverish, I got into the studio alma and got to see the mixing desk. It was a studio just for sound. And it was 2018, so something occurred to me. Why not put three cameras and…- Iker Jiménez (@navedelmisterio) September 10, 2021
Challenges in what to give the best of oneself. For me, success is exploring, probing, testing. Venturing into new worlds. That’s how I’ve always been. And I promise you surprises. Some will understand and others will not. That’s where #MilenioLive will remain on the net, forever. Never to be forgotten…- Iker Jiménez (@navedelmisterio) September 10, 2021
“Now we have to play other keys. Because that’s what life is all about. At least for me. Nothing is risk-free. That’s also life,” he explains. Jiménez’s fans can rest assured, however, because the presenter has confirmed that the project La estirpe de los libres, which he created during the pandemic, will continue.