Trick or treat halloween

What does trick or treat mean for christians

Halloween is here and on the eve of All Saints’ Day come the costumes, the scares, the candy and a typical phrase of this night of October 31 that not all of us know its meaning: ‘trick or treat’?
Some who protest against the presence of American ships in the bay of Palma and military bases, then celebrate Halloween, drink Coca Cola every day, frequent fast food restaurants and swell up eating hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. They are that incoherent and don’t know what they are about.

What does trick or treat mean

The original tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when in the United Kingdom and Ireland people went to houses on the night of the dead, asking for soul cake in exchange for a prayer for the souls of the dead. Over the centuries, variations were introduced, such as asking for food in exchange for a few verses, or threatening a curse if nothing was delivered.
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Trick or treating halloween

It’s impossible to deny Lussier’s sincere love for the genre, especially if you check his relationship with Farmer, and with this surprising and somehow refreshing slasher with nothing to lose, they have given, perhaps, the end to a genre that despite always showing signs of resurrection could well be buried forever with this film starring the also very retro Omar Epps and Jamie Kennedy, popular faces of the cinema that this ‘Trick or treating’ pays homage to.
Patrick Lussier opens the doors to a slasher that starts with a bang, with no time to introduce characters that really matter little or nothing. With a style very much anchored to that era, it also sends an affectionate salute to the days when we didn’t have to apologize for spilling blood and also brings back veteran Tom Atkins, a face linked to any fan’s favorite titles, such as ‘Maniac Cop’, ‘The Fog’ or ‘Terror Knocks on Your Door’.
It also seems that at times Patrick Lussier thinks he’s smarter than he is when it comes to revelations. We agree that there is no such thing as guilty pleasure, but if there is, this ‘Trick or Treat’ could be a perfect example. A slasher from another era that just wants to annihilate as many characters as possible through a deliciously silly story.