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In his presentation, Zuckerberg showed several examples of what in his opinion should be the future of humanity in the «metaverse», where people would move around with their personalized avatars, dress them with digital clothes that they would buy within that same universe and attend events such as concerts.

One of the examples that the controversial co-founder of the social network gave to help understand his vision of this parallel universe was that of a girl living in Japan who decides, through the «metaverse», to go to a concert in Los Angeles (USA) with her best friend.

The company’s CEO himself gave the talk from a fictitious house in the «metaverse», through which he walked, went from room to room and in which some of his friends appeared and disappeared from time to time to play ping-pong, play chess or surf.


The Superclásico was a party for River. El Millonario beat Boca 2-1, with two goals from Julián Álvarez, in front of their fans at the Monumental. With this result, Marcelo Gallardo’s team overtook Talleres -at the moment- and is the leader of the Professional League.

In front of 35 thousand spectators in the stands, the duel started hot. And the Xeneize was quickly left with one player less. After 15 minutes, Marcos Rojo was sent off for a double yellow card, after committing infractions against Julián Álvarez and Agustín Palavecino with only 120 seconds left on the clock. The red card changed Sebastián Battaglia’s plans. The coach decided to bring on Carlos Zambrano in place of Edwin Cardona, who left in annoyance at the change.

In a match with few chances, Julián Álvarez -the great figure of the Millonario team in the semester- opened the scoring after 24 minutes. The youngster took Jorman Campuzano off his back, took shape and surprised Agustín Rossi with a shot from outside the area.

The Xeneize -who had one player less- could not react. They barely threatened with a long-range shot by Luis Advíncula. El Millonario dominated possession of the ball. And on top of that, they stretched the lead at the end of the first half. After a mistake by Agustín Rossi, River recovered the ball quickly: Milton Casco sent a cross from the right to Julián Álvarez, who pushed it under the goal to make the score 2-0.