Canciones de numeros en español

Ma me mi mi mo mu

Written by the vocalist of the New York band, Julian Casablancas, this song was originally titled Supernova, later changed for the release of their second album Room on fire (2003), of which it was their first single.    With a pounding rhythm of guitar and keyboards, this addictive song is reminiscent of nuevaoleras on all four sides. From when the Strokes were doing their homework.
With their ephemeral passage through the Britpop of the 90s, the Londoners, led by one of the loves of my youth, Justine Frischmann, left their mark with their angular two-minute punk songs and their rock attitude. This song, belonging to their excellent debut album, defines the cardinal points of the group and made them a little bigger by playing in the essential film Trainspotting (1996).
From when the genius Billy Corgan composed great hymns, when they allowed themselves the luxury of releasing double albums without waste, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995). This song idealizes the boredom in the adolescence, one of the angular subjects of those of Chicago, and supposed one of the great successes of the band. Nineties nostalgia.

The little frog’s dance

Didactic use of Luis Fonsi’s song No me doy por vencido to practice the present simple, narrate and describe situations and attitudes, both real and hypothetical, in the present time frame.
Didactic exploitation of the song Assumpta by Siniestro Total whose objectives are to practice the morphology of the imperfect past tense of indicative and to reflect on the combination of past tenses in the same text.
Activities based on the title song to approach functional exponents of the type le da miedo / fastidia / molesta…+ subjunctive; necesita una persona que… + subjunctive in the expression of feelings and moods.
Task addressing structures for the expression of hypotheses and the use of past tenses. From the work on the song mentioned above, all skills are worked on with emphasis on connoted values and colloquial vocabulary.
From the theme of environmental preservation, ironic language samples are presented to activate pragmatic knowledge and express attitudes and intellectual states: to persuade, to invite a group that includes the speaker to do something.

The gorilla dance

Playing and singing nursery rhymes with our sons and daughters is something that comes innate in many people, and not only because it is fun, but because it helps us connect on other levels, improves our voice and hearing, relaxes us, calms us and produces an increase in the hormone of happiness.
There are many more added benefits, of course, but today we want to focus on the increase in vocabulary, the stimulation of memory and concentration and the improvement in their overall learning abilities. With all these advantages, at Ayuda en Acción we believe it is essential to dedicate some time to the education of our children through children’s songs, don’t you think?
La vida hay que cuidar brings simple messages with basic values for human beings, such as the beauty of flora and fauna, recycling and respect for other beings with whom we share the planet.
This is the perfect song for your sons and daughters to learn that there are very different people, from far away countries, with other customs or beliefs, in a different situation from their own, and that, just like them, they just want to live in peace and happiness with their families, enjoy with their friends at school and take care of the world around them.

The numbers 1-100

There are many ways to work mathematical concepts in a fun way and through play. Songs are one of those multipurpose resources that we can use in a simple way at any time, either because we have programmed it or because we have a dead time.
Charo’s proposal reminded me of this song, although I put a different tone to it, the idea is the same. Here we also work the hours and a clock would be great to review the hours … and soon it’s Halloween! so we are in a good time to sing it in class.