Cancion tablas de multiplicar miliki

Cancion tablas de multiplicar miliki

The table of one

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But, to get it, you need to find songs with the multiplication tables. First of all, you should know that there are many songs, and they may not all be from the same group. But we are going to give you some suggestions so that you can, for sure, find the rhythm and the song that best suits your child to learn it more easily.
It is perhaps a group already too «old». But the truth is that the melody of their songs, the similarities that they put and the way they sing can be what you need so that the multiplication tables are not a problem.
Enrique y Ana has an album with all the tables (now you can find them on Youtube) and you can take advantage of the songs so that, in the end, they learn the lyrics and, with it, the table itself.


In this second exercise we are going to repeat without the help of the audio aloud the table of 10For this the first thing we must do is while looking at the drawing and very slowly repeat the table aloud, once is enough.It is very important not to go too fast. The multiplication tables are learned with repetition.  The multiplication tables 1 and 10 need very little time to be learned but it is necessary to do all the exercises to gain confidence for the rest of the tables.
In this exercise you have to answer correctly all the multiplications. The multiplications will appear on the board as you get the correct result. This is the first time that the result is not shown and therefore it is the first time that we will test our memory. In the case of the table of 10 everything is much simpler.