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es:Felipe López Caballero , la persona que reinició la revista, tomó como modelo dos revistas colombianas anteriores. Una era la Semana de Camargo; la otra era es:Alternativa, un semanario de izquierda publicado por Enrique Santos y Gabriel García Márquez. Las revistas extranjeras que trató de imitar fueron Time y Newsweek[cita requerida].

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A recent improvement of this technique used to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms in mice offers therapeutic effects that last on average 4.5 times longer, potentially greatly improving patients’ quality of life.
Cinema has contributed to greatly popularize those fascinating creatures that were the dinosaurs. However, like all fiction, it has taken many licenses that are often accepted as truth. Let’s debunk some of these myths.
Scientists from the Natural History Museum and the University of Birmingham have described a new species of dinosaur from specimens found in a quarry in Pant-y-ffynnon, South Wales.

7:26alert for possible violence on august 7 in colombia …revista semanayoutube – 5 aug 2021

Market optimism is fading and the shadow of inflation is getting bigger and bigger. But the two major investment banks are positioning themselves against market sentiment.
The first day of the week starts negatively for the major US stock market indexes. The Dow Jones loses 250 points and falls 0.72% to 34,496.06 points. The spike in energy prices fueled fears of inflation and volatility.
The Bank of England focuses part of the attention on the markets due to recent comments from two of its officials that reinforce the expectation of an imminent interest rate hike to control inflation in the United Kingdom.

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International Pressure grows in Italy to dissolve neo-fascist group after weekend riots Reuters The center-left Democratic Party presents a motion in Parliament calling on the government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi to dissolve Forza Nuova and all political movements of neo-fascist inspiration after attacks on a trade union headquarters and a hospital.
Society The advance of lava flows causes new confinements and could create a new lava delta EFE Weather forecasts indicate that in the next two days the problems of ash and sulfur dioxide in the island atmosphere may return.
Politics The Government denies that it wants to decapitalize Madrid: «It is about sharing State» Pilar Araque Conde After Sanchez reaffirmed his commitment to advance decentralization, Ayuso has accused the Executive of wanting to «destroy» his community and generate «grievances» and «decapitalize Madrid» to «seek votes» in other territories.