Flor de pasion radio 3

Flor de pasion radio 3

Robinson islands

Today’s radiochip is not about your program, or anything else. It’s about Virginia Díaz’s “180º” program, to compare the oldest of Radio 3 and the best known nowadays. For the sake of putting someone from Radio 3 who got hooked on that same radio listening to Juan de Pablos when the night came. The program the day before yesterday was dedicated to Juan de Pablos. Radiochip de pablos:
And in RNE they posted the oldest program they had… dating from the day of the Pilar in 1987. You can recover it here, in this case dedicated to “duduá”. You will see that, indeed, the voice was much younger.

Rne programs

“By the way, you may know that the Italians, in addition to in bocca al lupo – that wish for good luck whose answer is crepi, that is, may the wolf die – they also say in culo alla balena. The imperishable announcer remains thoughtful on the other end of the phone, when I interrupt his silence with the corresponding answer to the longing to find himself under the anus of the cetacean: Speriamo che non caghi! He laughs and refers me back to the Mexican Axolotes. “But when you come to Madrid, call, Juan. If necessary, we’ll get a ticket and go to the Moon together”.

Slate melodies

Two weekends ago Juan de Pablos celebrated its thirtieth anniversary at the Siroco in Madrid, where more than a dozen young groups paraded: Amigos imaginarios, La monja enana, Airbag, la Casa Azul… And how could it be otherwise, Juan de Pablos hosted the gala. The queue to get a ticket was around the block.
And it was precisely in Cáceres where his love for the radio began. “It was playing all the time in my house, especially the radio novelas. There were also music programs that were dedicated records.” He remembers how when he was going to make his first Communion, he was dedicated the song by Juanito Valderrama titled ‘La primera comunión’. Although the song was about a girl. And he starts humming it: “she’s on her knees, so pretty and has so much charm that a little angel from heaven gives her holy water,” he laughs.
It was in the summer of 1967 when he entered a contest on Radio Madrid. He had to send a letter about his life. He was selected and from then on his radio collaborations began.

Big record radio 3

Something from the Beach Boys with Brian Wilson at the head. This song Let me admire you please, which I didn’t notice at the time, captivated me when I saw the version they made in the documentary The Beach Boys: An American Band Sublime!
Il Malato del Cuore (The Heart Sick) by Fabricio d’ André: memories from beyond the grave of one of the protagonists of the album Non al denaro, non all’ Amore Ne al Cielo (Not to Money, not to Love, not to Heaven) masterpiece of the great Genoese singer-songwriter. But I remember that I kissed her and my heart was hanging between my lips.
An instrumental to separate phases and there we have the Shadows. Atlantis together with Shiding motivated me to buy the disc that contained them: More Shadows. It was the first L.P. that I bought (it was necessary to sell my brother’s shotgun of pellets in exchange…).
And to say goodbye to the song that normally serves as the entrance mask: Attends ou Va-t’en, a miracle that I was able to rescue this version of La Monja Enana at the Anniversary party of Flor de Pasión in 2003, when I listened to it again I couldn’t avoid crying.