Casa del libro libros mas vendidos

Casa del libro libros mas vendidos

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Must-read classicsWe want you to finally decide to read that book you always put off, or abandon as soon as another one crosses your path. These are the must-read books that are a must-read. Don’t put it off any longer and read these classics.
A first-rate contribution to scientific thought and to the entire universal culture, in which Hawking explains to us, with astonishing simplicity, the laws that reveal the complex geometric dance that creates the world and life.

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La cara norte del corazón by Dolores RedondoAnother novel that has already captivated a large number of readers this season, and that you can find in Casa del Libro with the best discounts, is La cara norte del corazón by Dolores Redondo. In this long-awaited novel, the author immerses us in the world of investigation and mystery, through the hand of the young Amaia Salazar, sub-inspector of the Foral Police, who participates in an exchange course at the FBI Academy in the United States. This novel follows the success of the award-winning writer, who has been able to conquer with great stories, such as The Invisible Guardian and the Baztan Trilogy.

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Arrevola sees risks for culture in platforms such as Netflix and social networks. In the first case, due to the practical monopolization of leisure time, and in the second, because the need to obtain information is covered on the basis of short and lapidary sentences, leaving hardly any space for the deepening of the topics.
Although the rise of the online channel is evident, Arrevola does not hesitate for a second. «A book is a shopping experience. The e-commerce shopping experience is much poorer than the bookstore shopping experience. If bookstores disappear, books would disappear. The recipe for survival is to preserve the bookstore DNA, to preserve that smell of ink, of paper, and at the same time to know how to move in a digital environment, understanding that the customer no longer moves only in the physical bookstore. Connecting the two worlds is the key».


However, there has also been a significant increase in nonfiction, which is up 3.7%, with informative essays – such as, for example, Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari – standing out, with growth of 5% and a turnover rate of 142 million euros. «This is closely linked to current affairs. There is a concern for political, social and economic issues, and there are essays that become bestsellers,» explains the publishers’ president, Miguel Barrero.
It was published in 2006 and quickly became a bestseller. That it appears on this list today has a lot to do with the adaptation to television series format made by Atresmedia and broadcast by Antena 3 in 2018.
Rachel fantasizes about an idyllic life of this couple, which soon after turns out not to be so wonderful. Suspense and many twists in this novel that has all that, which is also not so easy to create, to generate reading addiction.