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In the fifth session we experimented with different sound instruments, it was a lot of fun. In the sixth session, we met a «friend» who snuck into the musical experience, he loved to sing and besides, the guitar was his favorite instrument. In the seventh session, Mozart delighted us with one of his great works and this past week’s session, we remembered a most curious medicine cabinet containing beautiful words.
In our first session we listened with our hearts. Sometimes we find it hard to communicate and listen to each other, we have difficulty expressing ourselves and sharing our hearts. So this will be our starting point and throughout the course we will work on it in our sessions.

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This is a blog that informs the Educational Community of the Colegio Amor de Dios de Burlada of all the activities that are carried out in the Center, covering the different stages and educational levels.the parents of the students of the school can consult and be informed from the blog of those activities in which their children have participated as well as other actions of pastoral, sports or formative type that we realize.from the different educational levels of the center are «hanging» those important actions that we realize. The most interesting are those sent by the team of infant school teachers and those in which the students spend several days away from the center and which are punctually reported through the blog.

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After finding in class a mysterious bottle with a secret message inside, we have set out to find our pirates as soon as possible.    We have searched all over the school, we have visited classrooms, offices, secretary’s office… and we have followed the clues that the pirates have left in each of these places.
The pirates have given us a very funny mission, we have to investigate about the desert, know what animals live there, what are the names of its inhabitants, what plants exist … in short …. we have to collect all the necessary information to help our friends the pirates to get out of there and find their ship again.
They enjoyed doing different activities such as making a candle with beeswax, visiting the beehives, feeding the animals, packaging and tasting honey from the honeycomb…

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La razón del espíritu es el corazón, sin espíritu noble, el corazón esta podrido, así que según este espíritu también estará nuestro corazón, porque la Sociedad no deja de afectarte las inmundicias de, para que mientras estamos creciendo, las inmundicias no bombardeen la Sociedad, como son el tener un coche de lujo, en etc. Nota: seamos libres pensadores y examinemos nuestro interior, para analizar como es la inmundicia con la que la sociedad nos llena nuestro espíritu.Esto fue un pensamiento que escribí en otro Blog en ingles.