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«Blade Runner 2049», in my opinion does not «get you», and that Ryan Gosling (one of my favorite current actors, maybe the one I like the most) does very well (as he always does, really) as Blade Runner and Harrison Ford is a «solid» and «safe» actor, but the film is «cold» (I recognize that has its «point») and does not make you «vibrate». I’d even say it starts off very well, then fizzles out then raises the «tone» again. I’m going to watch again (since I haven’t seen it for a long time) the original Blade Runner and… see what I think.
«What I observe and hear is flat and monotonous. (…) a tedious succession of characters and situations without soul or magnetism, unable to hook me, to create feeling in me, not a shred of emotional identification.»

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Por mucho que admire la capacidad de Moore para meter el dedo en la llaga en situaciones intolerables, sus tendencias manipuladoras pueden pesar más que las causas más buenas. [Crítica completa en español] – El País (España)
Desde el inicio musical, hasta en uno de los desenlaces más bellos, románticos y trágicos que he visto en el cine, esta película es imprevisible, potente, lírica, compleja y veraz. [Crítica completa en español] – El País (España)
Quien te Cantará dura dos horas, pero tengo la sensación de haber estado adormecido durante una semana. Y lo olvido rápidamente. La intensidad tortuosa siempre me ha puesto de los nervios. [Crítica completa en español] – El País (España)
Nada suena forzado en la exquisita descripción que hace el director de ese mundo de ayer, todo suena a verdad, su formidable lenguaje visual sirve para expresar sentimientos y sensaciones con complejidad. [Crítica completa en español] – El País (España)
No hay lagunas de principiante en la película ni pretensiones vacuas. El sentido del lugar de Echevarría es bueno, tiene frescura, sensualidad y capacidad para emocionarse por el amor. [Crítica completa en español] – El País (España)

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«With the appearance of Harrison Ford I notice that the mediocre bar is raised a little. But it comes too late for a film whose 163 minutes of running time feel like an eternity. The disappointment is notable. What a tireless and pitiful mania to seek business at the expense of desecrating the classics.»
«It is not mere nostalgia, nor recycling, nor cynical marketing. It separates the natural from the artificial and takes it into more ambiguous and thoughtful territories. It is one of the most profound and provocative science fiction films in recent memory.»
«Denis Villeneuve’s film, wrapped in the stunning, dazzling cinematography of veteran Roger Deakins, surrounds the territories of Ridley Scott’s work, surrounds them, approaches them, but does not end up merging with them. And at the end of the film there is a void, the void of the poetics, the soul of the film and its characters».
The actress is (although there is still a long way to go) a strong candidate to win an Oscar in 2022. Together with Oscar Isaac, she has shone in Secrets of a Marriage and now she is promoting The Eyes of Tammy Faye, a role for which she has become a firm contender for the statuette.

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Although comparisons are odious, we all make them and enjoy them. We love to say that the first part of a saga was better than the second, that we don’t understand why a classic that was already perfect has been revisited, or that the original film gives the reboot a «thousand laps». We’re like that, and we can’t help it. However, I didn’t think it was nonsense that Warner Bros. decided to bring back the Blade Runner universe (Ridley Scott, 1982). Whether it was to introduce the classic to a new generation of viewers, to nurture the nostalgia of those who loved the original, or – let’s be frank – to make money, the replicants revisiting us seemed to me a pretty shrewd move. A move that, of course, would expose us to that which should not be done, but which we like so much: to compare.
Coming out of the screening of Blade Runner 2049 (Denis Villeneuve, 2017), everyone was saying the same thing. And despite not belonging to that collective of spectators who like to pass sentence when leaving the theater or flood the aisles of the cinema with their erudite opinions, I have to admit that, on this occasion, I had to agree with the enemy. Because – and I pluck up the courage to say it – Blade Runner 2049, despite its undeniable virtues, is slow, soporific and – let’s say it – pretentious.